There are many benefits to becoming a member of our organization. Our members become close friends and we have a great time when we get together. We meet together regularly, we work together, we celebrate together and, ultimately grieve together when one of our Brothers (or a family member) passes.

Of course we also have common interests, and we hope to further our causes. At the end of the day, though, it is really all about 1) gaining access to new people who you would otherwise not have access to, and 2) gaining the strength and confidence that allows a Brother Hibernian to achieve great things in tandem with, and with the support of his Hibernian Brothers!

Some of the more concrete benefits include:

* admittance to over 126 AOH Divisions and Halls across North America.

* a Subscription to the bi-monthly National AOH newspaper, The Hibernian Digest.

* National Scholarships for members and their families.

* Participation in local, regional, and national fraternal organization networking.

* Community involvement in dinners, picnics, festivals, parties, sports and theater.

* An outlet for professional energies and expertise.

* An opportunity to experience Irish culture by promoting lectures, films, discussion groups, entertainment, etc.

* Activities and programs for the entire family.

* Representation on issues of Irish-American concern.

* An influential voice in local, state, national and international government.

In addition, The National A.O.H. provides a unique opportunity for its members to become involved in issues that are of interest to Irish American Catholics today. For instance:

* The Order established the first chair of Celtic Studies at Catholic University in 1894.
* The A.O.H. promotes the rightful recognition of Commodore John Barry as the Father of the American Navy, and has established September 13 as a legal holiday of the Order.
* The Order has sponsored and supported Feises, as well as traditional Irish music, dance and song.
* The A. O. H. has recognized, honored and supported Irish American achievement in theater, education, law, science, music, business and the arts.
* The A.O,H. has encouraged tourism to our ancestral homeland, Ireland.
* The Order has supported the G.A.A. and the traditional ancient sporting games of Ireland
* The A.O.H. through monetary, political and other means has supported vigorously humanitarian and civil rights works in Northeast Ireland.
* The A.O.H. has recognized the contributions of the Irish inthe Civil War through history, lectures, films and monuments.
* The A.O.H. has assisted in the reforesting of Ireland through the Trees for Ireland program.
* The Order has fostered the instilling of our Irish culture, history and traditions in our youth through the A.O.H. Irish Way and Study Abroad Scholarship Programs for thesons and daughters of its members.
* The A.O.H. has recognized the contributions of Irish Americans and Irish born who won the Medal of Honor and has erected a monument in their honor at the Valley Forge Medal of Honor Grove.
* The A.O.H being composed of loyal Americans has recognized July 4th as one of the legal holidays of the Order.
* The A.O.H. has consistently promoted and tried to preserve our ancient language, Gaelic – Irish.
Monument to Great Hunger victims, County Clare, Ireland.
* The A.O.H. recognized March 17 as one of the legal holidays of the Order, thus preserving the teachings and ideals of Saint Patrick and the Catholic Church.
* The AOH provides Project Saint Patrick Scholarships for Seminarians and the religious life.

The list, while not exhaustive, is certainly exhausting to read! And a Membership Card and Pin grants you access to our World!

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