Our motto is both simple and profound. It consists of this simple declarative statement:

We promote Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity.

Simple on the surface, this statement holds within its words all that we support, all that we stand for and all that we believe.

Yet, while we our proud of the friendship and  unity aspects of our call to action, as an Irish Catholic Fraternity, we emphasize the Charity call as the most important call of all, and the other two elements serve really to strengthen our commitment to charitable causes. The A.O.H. through its many monetary donations to various charitable organizations has shown that the motto of our Order, “Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity” is as important today as it was 175 years ago when our Order was first founded in America.

Accordingly, we aim to help those who are less fortunate than we are whether it is feeding and clothing those who need it or just helping those in need no matter what the circumstance or the background.

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