Our Hibernian brothers and sisters, both in Ireland and in America, have always sought the freedom to practice their Catholic Faith.  This includes the freedom to worship our Lord, but it means so much more.  Our Catholic Faith has been a beacon of Hope for the Irish during the darkest hours of history.  The Cross of Christ has brought, not only salvation to the world, but it has brought confidence and encouragement to the Irish as they faced great persecution during the early days of our nation’s history.  The devotion of Irish immigrants to their Faith life helped to build America and manifest the guarantee of Religious Liberty articulated in the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.  The price of all freedom, including religious liberty, is eternal vigilance.  As Hibernians and Faithful Catholics, we must stand up for our Liberties.
The USCCB has a deep interest in legislation and policies that impact the religious liberty of both individuals and institutions.  In particular, the USCCB supports legislation that prevents government intrusion into religious doctrine, worship, governance or practice, as well as legislation that facilitates appropriate collaborations between public and religious entities.

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