The primary purposes of the Organization are set forth in the preamble to our National Constitution, and re as follows:

1. To promote Friendship, Unity, and Christian Charity among members.
2. To uphold and sustain loyalty to the government of the United States of America by members living here in America, or whatever government under which its members may be citizens.
3. To aid and advance by all legitimate means, the aspirations and endeavors of the Irish people to complete and absolute independence.
4. To foster the ideals and cultivate the history and traditions of the Irish people throughout the world.

In addition to promoting awareness, appreciation and knowledge of Irish culture, we are dedicated to the charitable and financial support of our local parishes, Catholic activities and social services. Our social agenda emphasizes dedication and devotion to God and country. We also endeavor to promote awareness of the contribution to both God and country of the Irish culture cherished by Irish/American Catholics. Our formal objectives are noble, i.e. Promote Friendship-Preserve Unity-Practice Christian Charity.

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