The Ancient Order of Hibernians does, indeed, have a hierarchy, but (much to the chagrin of the hierarchy!) it is rather loosely followed.

At ground level, we have  local Divisions, which are essentially positioned for the convenience our members, our recruitment efforts,  and ou affiliation with law churches. We also consider ourselves as part of a District, since many of our programs and events include folks from outside our Particular Division. District-Wide events can be very popular because, heck, we are all Irish and we all tend to Flock to events and programs held by, or at least endorsed by, our Bretheren. . We certainly have a State AOH, which tries to herd the Irish chickens, often to limited avail. And of course, we have a national organization that represents us, and that asks us to do stuff that we sometimes choose to do and sometimes choose to ignore. God bless the Irish! We sometimes work for and sometimes work against ourselves.

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