What is Hibernian Charity?
The Hibernian Charity a 501-3 charitable enterprise was created to work with the A.O.H. in America to create a foundation where we might request, tax deductible to the donor, donations for the charitable projects of the Order. Through the Charity we are able to solicit donations from foundations, corporations, and individuals which would then be tax deductible to them. This allows us to fulfill the promises written in Preamble of the Constitution of our Order more efficiently.

What are examples of Charities Supported?

1. Project St. Patrick which provides financial assistance to those who seek a religious vocation within the Catholic Church.
Hibernian Hunger Project that works with to help alleviate poverty and hunger in America while recognizing our ancestor’s suffrage during An Gorta Mor.

2. Medal of Honor Grove Monument was donated in conjunction with the Irish Government and Hibernian Charities to recognized Medal of Honor recipients from Ireland as well as other nations, who died without establishing a residence in the United States.

3. Rosaries for the Troops: Created by the AOH Connecticut State Board to make sure that any soldier in the United States Military who would like a Rosary will be supplied with a Rosary at no cost.

4. Hurricane Katrina Disaster and Hurricane Sandy Relief Funds to assist many victims of these natural disasters to rebuild their lives.

The Irish understand hunger and homelessness in a way that few other people ever will. No other people suffered from the terrors of hunger and poverty more than the Irish in the 1800’s, An Gorta Mor, The Great Hunger in Irish. Millions of Ireland’s people died or were forced to emigrate. Our ancestors fled their homes because they could no longer survive there. Certainly a project commemorating An Gorta Mor, working to encourage the alleviation of poverty and hunger in America, and later throughout the world, is a natural cause for the Ancient Order of Hibernians.
Opportunity for the Hibernian Charity to aid worthy projects on a state, county, and local basis
Initiated in Philadelphia in the 1990’s and taken up by the National Board three years ago
Project continues to grow, with many divisions, counties, and state boards having designed new programs or moving already established programs under this “umbrella name”
The Hibernian Charity will give $10,000 in grants to AOH Hunger Projects in lower jurisdictions to commemorate “An Gorta Mor” The Great Hunger (The Famine

5. Cleaning up St. Peter’s Cemetery: We provide regular cleanup labor to this independent cemetery in Baltimore City, which used to be an Archdiocesan cemetery, and which is the final resting place of many of our local Irishmen from the 1700s through the 1900s.


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